Dustin the Wind - Until Now!

One of the best things an author can have is a pushy mother who cannot be embarrassed.

When "Shepherd Avenue" was first published in 1986 my Irish-American mother happened to be checking it out in a midtown Manhattan bookstore when she spotted Dustin Hoffman browsing through the stacks.

She grabbed a copy of my book, marched straight to Hoffman, shoved it into his hands and said:

"Mr. Hoffman, this is my son's first novel, and I think it would make an excellent movie for you to star in."

The Oscar-winning actor had no response, save for a stunned expression.

Nothing came of it - Dustin the Wind, I like to say - but
the truth is, Hoffman was way too young to play the grandfather in "Shepherd Avenue" back then.

Now, he'd be just perfect. Hmmmm...